Three ways to dump the junk from your LinkedIn news feed

Have you heard the rumblings about LinkedIn lately? Every week or so I see unrelated posts or someone in my LinkedIn feed complaining that it’s starting to look a bit too much like Facebook, with posts about celebrities and politics and other silly nonsense. I love spending time on LinkedIn for business related content and I agree it can be annoying when these posts pop up – like the ones I featured in the image above.

There are actually some easy things you can do to make your LinkedIn experience better, beyond complaining and dramatically logging off forever. Here are three ways to clean up your news feed:















1. Bite your tongue: Did you know that every time you like, or comment, on a LinkedIn post, it tells LinkedIn that you like that type of content and it broadcasts that post to everyone in your network? So if you comment on a post you don’t like with a complaint, such as ”I’ve had it with these posts, I’m sick of LinkedIn turning into Facebook!” – everyone else in your network is also going to see that same annoying post plus your comment. And LinkedIn will be more likely to serve you this type of content in the future. The best thing to do here is avoid engaging with the posts you don’t like and instead, take action. Which brings me to…

2. Unfollow the troublemakers: Don’t like something? Hover over the top right of the post where it says how long ago the post was written and it will turn into a small carrot arrow. Click on the arrow to see your options, including: Hide this update (so you won’t see it again), unfollow this person (they will remain a connection but you won’t see their updates in your news feed), or report this update (to report spam or scams to LinkedIn).

3. Curate your news feed: You can add more interesting sources to your news feed by following businesses and influencers you admire. Simply search for them in the search box at the top of LinkedIn and click follow. You’ll start seeing their posts in your news feed when they have something to say. And remember, the more you engage with posts you appreciate (by liking, commenting or sharing), LinkedIn will give you more of it in your news feed. Engage more to signal to LinkedIn’s algorithms what type of content you like.

By doing these three things, you’ll notice an improvement in your news feed over time. I also hope you feel empowered to take action, instead of complaining or leaving. LinkedIn is a valuable resource and we can all help it stay that way.

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