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Four steps towards a more mobile and paperless office

In my first job out of college, I took notes on legal pads as if they were going out of style. I’d file away my notes in manila file folders after meetings, along with handouts and copies of agendas. My trusty Franklin Covey planner kept me on schedule and helped me keep track of my tasks. There was a 5-foot tall filing cabinet in my office filled to brim with papers and drawers in my desk with my “active files.” I thought I had a good system! I kept hard copies of important documents for historical archives. This was 15 years ago and times, technology, and I, have changed.

Most of my files are now kept on my company’s computer servers, saving into electronic file folders like I once did paper files. But up until recently I still had a handful paper files at my desk and relied on a trendy spiral notebook to take notes in meetings and keep a running to-do list. Oh, and dare I admit I had an actual Rolodex with a growing stack of cards sitting on top (mocking me) just waiting to be filed away.

As my job requires me to be more mobile than ever traveling to various locations, I’ve needed to stretch myself to be more efficient with my time and nimble with my space. I don’t want to carry around paper files or feel as though I’m missing important documents back at my desk when I’m on the road. So here are some steps I’ve taken recently to move towards a more mobile office:

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