Snapshots of work :: TV commercials

On the set filming a TV commercial for Allina clinics.

I’ve dedicated much of my time this summer and fall producing a series of TV spots for my employer, Allina Hospitals & Clinics, working with a great team of internal and external folks to pull it all together. 

It’s been a very intense time, sometimes a mad rush to make deadlines, but fun and challenging nonetheless. I’ve always found the best part of video production to be the end – when the pieces all come together and we can witness the final product touch the community in a very real way.

If you follow along here or Twitter much, you know I keep a tight lid on my work when it is in development and production. And I occasionally share items that have launched in the market… such as these! Today I’m featuring three 30-second spots that have been airing this fall/winter:

Allina Clinics

  Virginia Piper Cancer Institute

Allina Heart Services

Each of these shots required a full day of shooting with a crew (lights, sound, etc). Of course each spot had its own production challenges (I’ve never worked with a helicopter before!) but were manageable. We were at the mercy of the weather for all of these, which sometimes tripped us up. 

In addition to airing on TV, these pieces made a nice addition to their corresponding landing pages on the web. We’ve built them into our social strategy as well.

Special thanks to my colleagues: Dave Kodet (and crew), Lauren Hauter, Dawn Tucker, Jen Wild, Liz Shay and Dani Esten for your stellar work on these spots!


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  1. Hello Melissa,

    I can relate. I used to work for an American-Hungarian production company as 2nd camera assistant shooting commercials for Jagermeister, Ford and so on.
    I loved those shootings, there is a certain vibe to it and light makes everything look “alive”
    thanks for the share!

    • Hi Akos, thanks for the comment – Of course it takes weeks (or months) of planning to get to the actual shoot. But it’s worth it and definitely energizing!

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