Rebranding an organization

A little more than a year ago, I changed positions within my organization – moving from managing the marketing and communications at one of our hospitals to a marketing position in the system office. I wrote about the change in my role  and how I would be focused on marketing the organization as a whole. What I couldn’t share at the time is that I was tasked with managing the process to rebrand the organization.

The first year of my work (January 2011 to January 2012) was focused on planning and a significant amount of research with key stakeholders, both internally and externally. I also manage the relationship with the advertising agency we’ve asked to partner with us on this journey.

There were also some interesting ad campaigns I directed on the side, including TV spots and a handful of print/outdoor campaigns.

The last few months have been dedicated to the new brand approval, which includes a new name, new logo and a number of other deliverables. I’ve kept fairly quiet about my duties the past year, as it’s not exactly ready for public consumption while in the development and planning stages. However, it has been exciting and challenging, and I’ve been grateful to be a part of it.

Earlier this month, news of the rebranding efforts was covered in this Star Tribune article (pictured above with our new logo). Suddenly I’ve gone from not talking about the brand work at all to talking about it all the time – and that’s a very different, but good, place to be.

The work to implement a new name, logo and subsequent branding efforts includes a large team of people and a long timeline. We will begin transitioning to the new name in the spring – I look forward to sharing more as I’m able. 

On a career-related note, friend and co-founder of the MN Blogger Conference Arik Hanson recently interviewed me for his PR Rock Star series on his blog Communications Conversations. And despite the fact I don’t play any instruments and therefore don’t qualify as a REAL rock star, I am incredibly honored to be one of the folks Arik featured. If you enjoy staying on top of the PR/Communications/Social trends, you should definitely be reading Arik’s blog – he’s one of the best.


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