5 tips for PR pros working with bloggers

Creating memorable blogger experiences can pay off. Cub Foods held an in-store blogger event focused on nutrition. Pictured are Liz from Kitchen Pantry Scientist, Kate from Kate in the Kitchen and Crystal from Cafe Cyan.

I’ve heard quite a bit of negative chatter lately from bloggers about the PR pitches coming their way. This isn’t a new thing, of course, there’s been a rub between PR folks and bloggers for as long as there have been blogs.

There are many insightful PR folks out there doing great things with blogger outreach. I’ll mention a few of them later in this post. My perspective on the topic is fairly broad. I’ve been blogging for more than 6 years, I’m a marketing and communications professional in my day job, and well, I know a lot of bloggers through my work as founder of the MN Blogger Conference.

I started my lifestyle blog Marketing Mama as a place to write about things that are important to me. The majority of pitches that come my way are not relevant and not personalized. However, it can be pretty amazing when the stars align and a great opportunity comes my way. I’ve had some awesome experiences via my blog, such as a VIP night at a U2 concert and an all-expense-paid trip to NYC. And those are just a couple of them off the top of my head.

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Rebranding Allina Health – presentation

Here are the slides from my presentation at the MN Health Strategy and Communications Network spring conference. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the story of how we rebranded Allina Health, a project I led and dedicated the past two years of my career to its success.

Of course the slides are only the visuals – unfortunately you can’t hear the context and rich stories I shared during this presentation. If you’d like more information, or are interested in me speaking at a future event, please contact me.

Rebranding Allina Health: An Exploration of Brand Identity in Health Care from Melissa Berggren

Rebranding a Major Healthcare System

I’m honored to present at the Minnesota Health Strategy and Communications Network (MHSCN) spring conference next month. I’ll be discussing the rebranding of Allina Health – a major endeavor I’ve been focused on the past two years.

This article on the MHSCN web site previews some of the topics I’ll be addressing in the presentation, including some of the highlights and challenges of the work.

Are you interested in healthcare marketing and communications? I’d love to see you at the spring conference! Registration information here.

Update: See the slides from this presentation here.

Four steps towards a more mobile and paperless office

In my first job out of college, I took notes on legal pads as if they were going out of style. I’d file away my notes in manila file folders after meetings, along with handouts and copies of agendas. My trusty Franklin Covey planner kept me on schedule and helped me keep track of my tasks. There was a 5-foot tall filing cabinet in my office filled to brim with papers and drawers in my desk with my “active files.” I thought I had a good system! I kept hard copies of important documents for historical archives. This was 15 years ago and times, technology, and I, have changed.

Most of my files are now kept on my company’s computer servers, saving into electronic file folders like I once did paper files. But up until recently I still had a handful paper files at my desk and relied on a trendy spiral notebook to take notes in meetings and keep a running to-do list. Oh, and dare I admit I had an actual Rolodex with a growing stack of cards sitting on top (mocking me) just waiting to be filed away.

As my job requires me to be more mobile than ever traveling to various locations, I’ve needed to stretch myself to be more efficient with my time and nimble with my space. I don’t want to carry around paper files or feel as though I’m missing important documents back at my desk when I’m on the road. So here are some steps I’ve taken recently to move towards a more mobile office:

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Let’s Get Social – presentation

My friend and colleague Mykl Roventine and I recently had the opportunity to talk social with a great group of local radio personalities and their producers. Nearly every radio station in town had representation from the morning show groups to the talk radio personalities.

It was interesting and fun to discuss how social media can help move casual listeners to fans to brand advocates. You can see the slides we presented below, with a brief outline of the content at the end of this post.

Lets get social – Berggren & Roventine March 2013 from Melissa Berggren


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