New year, new goals, new blog

new year 2011 graphicWhen I’ve shared with friends and colleagues that I am starting a new blog, they give me the strangest looks! Their first question typically is, “are you stopping the Marketing Mama?” The second, “why?”

No, I’m not going to stop writing my first blog. For now it’s giving me a lot of joy and I’m quite proud of my work and the community I’ve built the past 4+ years. However, every [good] blog has a niche. The Marketing Mama has a rather broad topic span: parenting reflections, family activities, the Twin Cities, and pediatric health issues. The topics have grown as I have grown, both as a person and a parent.

The part of me I’ve had a difficult time including, however, is the professional side. Discussing perspectives on marketing, social media and other business topics often feel disconnected in that space. And frankly, that’s not what my readers are there to read. I’ve been struggling with this disconnect for some time and trying to figure out how to honor my hunger to write more about business.

For all of these reasons, one of my goals for the New Year became to build a stronger online presence for my professional work. Launching this blog, a new twitter account, and guest writing for a number of biz/marketing blogs is how I’m going to accomplish this goal. It feels like the right direction and presents me with a new challenge. I love challenges and I look forward to engaging with you in this new space!

Credit: graphic by volcanno on flickr creative commons

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  1. Kudos Missy on taking this step! I love this new home for your thoughts in the professional arena. I’m looking forward to reading the insights you’ll share about your passions & getting to know this side of you.

  2. This is the second time I’ve commented on a blog. Ever. In my life.
    I didn’t know you had this space! 1- I plan to learn from it, and from you, and 2- I think it’s wonderful that you’ve found a new(ish) outlet for your professional side.

    Well done. I look forward to reading.

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