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Minnesota Blogger Conference

This weekend bloggers from throughout the great and chilly State of Minnesota will descend on St. Paul for the 4th annual (sold out) Minnesota Blogger Conference. You can feel the excitement on interwebs!

After dedicating many hours to organizing the first three conferences, alongside friend and co-founderĀ Arik Hanson, this year I’ve taken a step back due to time constraints. Arik and the rest of the team carried the torch and hundreds of bloggers are very grateful they have. I give Arik and the team a lot of credit for their work this year, I know first hand how time consuming it can be to pull off this event!

Of course I’m planning to attend the event this Saturday and am honored to participate in one of the sessions. I’ll be moderating a panel on Blogging Your Passion, featuring panelists Amanda Ingle, Zhenya Hutson and Jennifer Prod. I’m looking forward to connecting with these women on why they feel passion is a necessary ingredient to blogging and how they find their inspiration. We’ll talk about different ways passion comes across on a blog and how it helps bloggers connect with readers. I’m also curious what advice they have for bloggers who are just starting out or feel they are burning out and need a lift.

I have many more questions up my sleeve and the audience will get a chance to ask questions as well. I hope to see you there. If you can’t make it, feel free to participate in the conversation by watching the #mnblogcon hashtag at 10:45 a.m. central.


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  1. Can’t wait! See you there!

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