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My new commute equals more time on the road, which is actually a good thing when I view that as the gift of time. Sometimes I listen to music or make phone calls while driving (it’s still legal in Minnesota). However, I find the best use of my time is listening to podcasts.

Here are two that keep my attention:

The Bean Cast - hosted by Bob Knorpp, a critical-thinker (and funny) marketing pro I first met on twitter some months ago. Each show features a round table of industry pros weighing in on a main topic, that inevitably morphs into other industry-specific topics. Discussions are always relevent and timely, with a slant towards digital and the social space. Humor is a common thread here, along with a healthy dose of marketing realism. Follow Bob on twitter at  @thebeancast.

Brand Fast-Trackers - hosted by Brian Martin, CEO of Brand Connections. Brian features one-on-one interviews with C-level executives (CEOs/CMOs) on brands. He typically tackles the interview like a case study, asking questions about a brand’s evolution – typically a before/after rebrand for a company. I particularly enjoy hearing from corporate brands in these podcasts, as typically these conversations are dominated by agency folks. Podcasts average 30 minutes, which is perfect for my commute. Follow on twitter at @brandconnection.

Give these a listen and let me know if they stick. Which marketing podcasts do you recommend?

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  1. The Bean Cast is one of my favorite podcasts! Thanks for mentioning it, Missy!

  2. Hey Leah – great minds think alike! Let me know if there are others you enjoy – always looking for new ones!

  3. I just ran accross your blogs and have been enjoying them. Now I will try the podcast you are talking about. Thank you!

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