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How to get traffic to your videos

There’s no denying that video is the hottest form of content right now, especially with the emergence of live broadcasting that’s sweeping the internet through Facebook LIVE and Periscope.
It can be time consuming and expensive for companies to create video, but that’s only half the battle. The fact that you have a video is not as exciting to other people as it is to your internal team. So how do you make sure the right people actually see your video?

It comes down to two things – optimizing your video on YouTube so people can find it and distributing your video in the right way in the right places. Here are a few highlights for both of these areas.

Optimize Your Video

  • It’s important to identify your target audience for the specific video and what problem they are trying to solve by watching your video.
  • Research keywords for your video listing by using tools such as Google Keyword PlannerGoogle Trends, Google Web Master Tools and YouTube and Google suggest.
  • Structure your YouTube channel as a homepage for your video content, with your playlists as your category level pages and your videos as your product or keyword level pages.
  • Optimize your YouTube video summary using key words, with a strong title and robust summary. Link to your website using the full URL address and include a subscribe link.

Distribute Your Video

  • Create a dynamic end screen where people can click through to your other videos and subscribe.
  • Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel three times – in your video, on the end screen and in the summary copy. When recording videos, reference other videos you’ve made that your audience may be interested in.
  • Consider YouTube paid advertising to target your specific audience when they are watching. YouTube has a number of paid options including video pre-views, side bar listings, overlay in-video ads and display ads.
  • Share video on your web site, blog and other social channels, paying close attention to the optimal lengths per channel. Videos will have higher reach if uploaded directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, LinkedIn and Pinterest both allow you to share YouTube links and still feature them prominently.

To dig deeper into these areas, take a look at the slides we co-presented at the PR News digital conference last month, “Become a YouTube Distribution Star for Your Organization.”

YouTube Optimization and Distribution from Missy Berggren Voronyak

Attract New People to Your Brand With Influencers

Working with influencers has been a hot topic in the PR and marketing community for a number of years, yet it still feels like a mysterious topic and “nut to crack” for many companies. In fact, it’s the number one topic people want to chat about when they ask to meet up with me for coffee – how to find influencers who might be interested in their brand and how to actually build meaningful relationships with them. As someone who works with clients to build influencer campaigns, and as a blogger myself, this is a topic I’m very passionate about and love exploring.

At WCG, we work with global brands to identify influencers who are relevant to their business and engage with them in a meaningful way. Key word = meaningful. One of the biggest keys to working with influencers is to think of building long-term relationships, rather than a quick way to get someone to mention your product or company online.

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Video: Social Networking for Employee Collaboration

Recently the Social Media Breakfast of Minneapolis/St. Paul hosted a panel discussion about employee collaboration via internal channels. Many large companies (and some small) in Minnesota are using these technologies to increase problem-solving capabilities and productivity for employees.

As a member of the planning team for SMBMSP, I was tasked with planning the session, securing the speakers and moderating the discussion. I was honored to find three top-notch pros to join us: Kelli Carlson-Jagersma from Wells Fargo, Steve Brantner
 from Pentair and Mary Maida from Medtronic. You can watch the video here to learn more about the tools, successes and hurdles they’ve encountered launching and managing internal social networking tools in the workplace.

SMBMSP #63 Behind the Firewall: Social Networking for Employee Collaboration from Social Media Breakfast – MSP on Vimeo.

Feeling stretched? Tips for working with challenging clients

I’ve spent many years working in large organizations where the marketing and communications teams need to serve as a support function to the business unit leadership, working in many ways like an internal agency. We often referred to our colleagues in the business units as “clients” and strived to provide great client service. The trouble is that budgets and staff resources are always at a minimum and there’s no way you can meet all of the client demands. In these situations, I’ve learned, it’s helpful to lean heavily on expectation-setting and not over-promising beyond what you can truly deliver.

Here are some of the strategies I’ve found particularly helpful to successfully navigate these sticky situations.

1. How do you make them feel? Your relationship with the client is often less about what you do for them and more about how you make them feel when you’re with them. In a world where most people are under extreme pressure to perform, sleep deprived and on deadline, it’s important to pay attention to our attitude (be positive) and make sure we present our best self. Many times clients think of marketing/communications as the “fun time” of their day and want to “be creative” and enjoy the time with you. Other times they might look to you as a confidant, or want to chat about their weekend. Be friendly, be curious, give them your full attention and make them feel as though they are the most important person in your world in that moment. Because they need to be.

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#mnblogcon & blogging your passion

Minnesota Blogger Conference

This weekend bloggers from throughout the great and chilly State of Minnesota will descend on St. Paul for the 4th annual (sold out) Minnesota Blogger Conference. You can feel the excitement on interwebs!

After dedicating many hours to organizing the first three conferences, alongside friend and co-founder Arik Hanson, this year I’ve taken a step back due to time constraints. Arik and the rest of the team carried the torch and hundreds of bloggers are very grateful they have. I give Arik and the team a lot of credit for their work this year, I know first hand how time consuming it can be to pull off this event!

Of course I’m planning to attend the event this Saturday and am honored to participate in one of the sessions. I’ll be moderating a panel on Blogging Your Passion, featuring panelists Amanda Ingle, Zhenya Hutson and Jennifer Prod. I’m looking forward to connecting with these women on why they feel passion is a necessary ingredient to blogging and how they find their inspiration. We’ll talk about different ways passion comes across on a blog and how it helps bloggers connect with readers. I’m also curious what advice they have for bloggers who are just starting out or feel they are burning out and need a lift.

I have many more questions up my sleeve and the audience will get a chance to ask questions as well. I hope to see you there. If you can’t make it, feel free to participate in the conversation by watching the #mnblogcon hashtag at 10:45 a.m. central.


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